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MLS NOW Upgrades to MMSI SSO Dashboard and Identity Management to support their Subscribers

MLS NOW (formerly YES MLS), with 13,600 customers in Northern Ohio announced today they are moving to MMSI, the industry’s most customer-centric Association and MLS Membership Management System, to provide their Single Sign-On Dashboard and Identity Management solution. MLS NOW is expanding their 6-year relationship with MMSI, consolidating vendors, and moving away from another SSO Dashboard provider.

According to MLS NOW, the move was inspired by several key advantages the MMSI SSO Dashboard provides for both the MLS Staff and Brokers using the system. Carl DeMusz, CEO of MLS Now, says “We decided to expand our relationship with MMSI because we were looking for a more seamless integration to make it easier for us to promote engagement with training, events, and technologies. The move to MMSI simplifies billing for us AND for our broker customers. It also helps us promote our services to help our subscribers take full advantage of the tools available.

"When we work with MMSI, we appreciate their focus on our needs coupled with their depth of understanding of the unique needs of real estate professionals,” said DeMusz. “Their expertise comes from over 36 years of helping MLSs and Associations build strong relationships with their customers. MMSI is a privately held company that likes to say “YES” to our requests and suggestions.”

The MMSI Single Sign-On Dashboard and Identity Management has several unique advantages over other SSO Dashboards offered today.

Advantages for MLS and Association Staff

  • By integrating directly into the Membership System, customized content can target each subscriber and participant so MLSs can automatically address the unique needs of each user.

  • Members see curated messaging that guide them to next steps to keep their accounts in good standing – balances due, required training, license or credit card expiration, etc..

  • There is no need to keep a separate database in sync – users and access permissions are updated in real time.

  • Once a subscriber is approved, they are instantly provisioned with access to all MLS tools, support, and training.

  • If a suspended member pays, they are instantly reactivated and access is restored to all applicable services.

  • MMSI’s SSO Dashboard is directly linked to the billing system – it knows instantly what services have been paid for and what access should be granted.

ADA Compliant

  • Accessibility is inclusivity. The MMSI SSO Dashboard is the only offering of its kind that is ADA/WCAG 2.0-Compliant, driving inclusion while protecting the organization against accessibility complaints or lawsuits.

Advantages for Brokers and Agents

  • With the MMSI SSO Dashboard, members can see their MLS and Association's full value proposition, laid out in front of them, every day. It becomes so much easier for members to learn about all available tools and services and with one click, register for training or contact support.

  • Brokers can leverage the dashboard as their own brokerage communication tool, posting notifications to their own agents.

  • Account Balances are clearly presented to the member and can be paid within the same user experience they already know and trust.

About MLS Now

MLS Now is Ohio’s largest MLS, serving 13,600 subscribers belonging to 13 Associations of REALTORS®, across 36 primary counties in Ohio and West Virginia. MLS Now is one of the most recognized MLSs in its area, standing out through a commitment to digital tools and resources for members. For more information, visit

About MMSI

MMSI delivers the most intuitive, accurate, and customizable membership, accounting, and SSO solution for REALTOR® associations and MLSs. A family-owned company celebrating 36 years of providing first-class customer service. MMSI offers the industry’s best member experience with AMS, Member Portal, SSO Dashboard, and Communication Center, all seamlessly integrated for staff efficiency and ease of use for 550,000 member users. Learn more at

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